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Related article: Date : Wed, January 23, 2010 December 11 17 -0800 ( PST ) From: Bob Archman u003cbldhrymn yahoo. com u003e Subject : Bronco Bruce and the casting couch Bronco Bruce and the casting couch Bald hairy man This is the story of gay men and gay sex. If you do not like NO n to read. You have been warned. It is intended for adults to read, not for n minors. It's a fantasy, not a sex manual. No effort to show safe sex practices have been made. If you have a comment please send an email to bldhrymn yahoo. com or aol bldhrymn. com. I'm Bruce Baldwin. It had everything it takes to be a star, it looks good, great body and a wonderful personality. I knew it was a little short on talent n, , but that does not seem to be the star, so that I could be an obstacle to tell. The problem of talent in me, was lazy. Retrospective n ever was very good to work on things. Everything was in good condition through the school nice n enough. I would do anything as long as the work is not it is. went to Hollywood to become a star of hope land I met ightening would become an overnight sensation. That has not happened. I was not no idea. I had a backup plan. By chance, I discovered in high school to open doors sex can, if not cute and friendly. One of my first plans for Preteen Cuties my life was a football star to be. Star Football is not lazy, and I was tempted to half team n. I had been the last in the shower, as the coach called me Millard in his office to lower the boom. Instead dressed, went to see how he was wearing only a towel. No one was left in the showers, but closed n the door. It's really embarrassing to listen to other people that from the team. I was nervous and dropped the towel. The coach made a policy not to do we shower. Not a good look and a great body did the trick for coach Millard. A rooster is. Instead of grabbing the towel and cover, I Let your soul. Strangely, I got a little excited and semi -hard. coachHe began his game, but got distracted. I bent down to cover some, but instead of stroking my cock. This was a purely instinctive movement to me. I was the secondary reflection of the king. Every time my hand came to of six inches of my dick, I 'd give it a shot. Coach Millard achieved through the use of was kind enough to blow for me. To make a long story short, ended up in the car, took a shower and I quarter or two of milk on his cock. The coach had been a college wrestler, and some were beaten. He was an ugly man with poorly trained and has a body fleshy in an inch or two or three of the body covered with hair. I've never had taken from a man, but I sure like his tail. The coach went to all the people, and real men are not always pretty. I had some fucking girls, but that was nothing a man's sperm injected with coach compare in the mouth. I loved it. I loved it even more when the coach came to knees and sucked me. The coach was very apologetic about it, but I told him, was great and asked if we are togetheruld do it again sometime. He said he was afraid that he could not, but it only took a week to resolve. In college, he spent the same type of thing. I was not about English n wanted to see my teacher. It was a six foot four giant hair covered s of a man. He wore a short shirt and had one or two buttons can be undone. He was hairy. One girl said she could see the growth of hair in n eyeballs. We were in the college gym shower after swimming, when he me naked. I'm hard and ended up in his apartment in the balls suck. It was frankly surprised me how good it was and how surprised R n. I thought of myself as the campus hottie, was the troll campus. by time in my life I was writing quite regularly with the hottest girls, , but it was the troll that floated my boat. I am not an introspective man, and should have noticed this oddity, but I have a class C and graduated from the n. I trade in semen a man was playing a simple Preteen Cuties price, sin, above all,ce that the man was well hung and somehow I liked it. actually I liked it. I've tried a few jobs for the city, but all required more work than I wanted to do , or yourself with a bit of interest in the job. My main interest was always the man I saw in the mirror every morning. I could n get a lot of customer interest or principal. Hollywood seemed the perfect solution to me. No doubt much interest was not a problem is. My Dad Gran died and left me some money, I left Minnesota and moved to Los angles. The second I drove into town, I was home. It was that he could In contrast to Minnesota as a place to Preteen Cuties be. That was fine for me. I discovered a small apartment was installed in the task. This proved to be take more time than expected. I used the time in the sun. I met a guy at a bar called Mark Markham. It was a quick recording, talent scout enthusiast s. We get along very well. Physically he was a small version of my college professor. professorwas a big troll, Marcos was a mini -troll. I am a strapping six eet tall, blond, with blue eyes and a killer smile. We meet at 8:30 of the clock and I was sucking in his apartment in the queue at 10:00 hours. do not know who was more surprised, me or Mark. I do not think n bags so good a man like me for years. I found it amazing the n it. I my defense, while he was short and plump, well-equipped with six inches of pipe as well as flesh. The sex was good, but if I wanted, I a fuck, I was not sure. I decided to shoot. I soon discovered to be fucked really like Mark and I like screw. It was beautiful. I have a seven-inch cock. Meant for a man as soon as Mark, that almost CPR in the ass. The ass was close and open the ass. My cock thought he was dead and damned the sky. Mark seemed to know when he was shot in the vicinity and made me slow s down. Instead of my normal 5 minutes, slam- bang- thank you ma'am routine went to 30 milesminutes of constant fucking. I thought my dick explode if finally overthrown. As soon as I heard the shots, I went out and tried to Mark swallow the entire cock, he shot out of a bucket of milk. Your ass was much tighter than any pussy plowed, and Mark was more more to appreciate. There were a few girls, how screwed, but nothing s as Mark. She loved sex as much as me. I liked Mark. I saw Mark a lot over the next week and told him of my plans. It was kind, but I realized not too impressed by them. As a headhunter was impressed. I liked it but knew he had talent. Mark asked about my sexual experiences. I told the girl and after my experiences with my coach and college Preteen Cuties professor. He was interested in real time. I asked about their sexual experiences. I again thought of fair play. to my surprise, I told the truth and level with me. Mark had a nice apartment, but was nNothing to write home to Minnesota. that s keyboard was not a talent agent. " Well, I'm a talent scout class, but I can make my money by a group cleaning, cleaning the house. This is a man and all employees our customers' are all gay, but some are locked. I can pay my employees well, but money is in string. If additional services are offered, the advice is good. I do not take percentage of tips for good service encouraged by my team. sounded harmless. Then I learned the real business n. "What kind of advice they receive for it? "I asked. " Two, 300 or more, depending on how well their services are, "said Mark n. " My clients are mostly elderly men, like me. Some members of my team members are not thrilled with it. " " What makes for great tips ? " " To my knowledge, are the best tips for a good attitude and enthusiasm, "said Mark. " My clients want to have fun, but as I have the idea that can be given joy. That have this capability. had " I'm not thinking about this type of service, but simply define to work. I told Mark that I would be interested. My inheritance was not so great. was good now, Los Angeles but life is not cheap. could be a good way to to replenish the money waiting to hit fame. Mark told me, to get in two days and I was on a call a. service had sent me to go to Billy, one of his best men, and had the opportunity to test the water. I stand and met with Billy. Billy was a hillbilly than 50 years the mountains of North Carolina. he was kind and humble. also liked the type way I looked. he looked into my lap and I went for the access requirements. I I was talking to him in his battered van. Marcos in euphemisms. Billy did not. that was beautiful and we have to do grain. " Let me tell you how this works. We double the n and so the point when one of us to roll in the hay to share and get the other clean the pool. "N " I don t really know much about cleaning crews, "whichHe said. " If sex is good enough, it's not a difference," said Billy, who laughed. "We Maury Tannenbaum n be seen. It is a big fish, but s past his prime. If you have a good time the cleaning of secondary importance. Are you a full service ? " "What? " " fuck and suck you up and down? " n "I am very bad, and the top, but I have never bottomed out," I replied. " This is not a problem with Maury, except that as a company," said Billy. " If you want someone to be your cherry pop, I like being of service. I have a long, a thin, it's easy to make and does a good job, you get even out, especially if you like dog. " " Maybe later we are, "he said. "Sure, the offer is open at all times," said Billy. "It could be great dollars if you have one of them the first of them have a great meat and I not recommend it as a good start queue.. " We went into a deep canyon - valley and it was through a door to a house style and mission. Billy knocked on the door and a big mancame to the door. Billy talked to him for a while and returned to the car. "I have the feeling that the drive tip offers me," he said. "Maury Maury, and seemed pleased. Take shirt immediately obtain the network and start rubbing the leaves of the to the surface. Then let nature take its course. " Billy knew his stuff. He was testing supplies from the truck, since n skimmed. Billy showed me how to test the water, and then went to adjust the pool equipment room, the chemical balance of water. Maury appeared in a Hawaiian shirt, was in a deck chair on the sunny side of the pool of and I was sunbathing. Maury was deeply tanned and full of curly black hair of his bald head head to toe. Apparently he has dyed his hair that remained on his head and beard. The fly in the center of his chest was gray. shorts she was wearing, but had stolen a Speedo. appeared full. I think he worked for some, but it was built and shaped brick. There was a few lump in my Speedo. I wore a baggy polyester athletic short. The outer layer is net, but it was a solid internal short. I was watering the surface around the pool. My pants humid and sticky. Maury was not attractive in any conventional way, but my cock took a shine to him. Maury could see a growing record of my shorts. He got up and went to in the house. A little later I saw him behind the door, stroking his cock s. I assumed it was an invitation. I went to the door. " Come," he said. " could come home wet," I said as I took off my shorts. " Damn," said Maury. He was naked. Since he was not more than five meters four inches tall, my cock was near her mouth. Just had to duck suck. Maury then even for me. He used his tongue completely I explore, or rather, my genitals. That was fine, but really wanted in the queue. When I got a sample of his cock, which was n a treat. He had a can of beer and eggs Gallo bull styleAll covered in your sweet sticky pre cum. He was very excited and fired after just five minutes sucking cock. I devoured them all. I asked if he could return to the pool for a while and perhaps visit later. Maury needed a break. A little later spoke to Billy. Billy was in me as he finished speaking. "Bruce, you're a success. Maury wants to know if we can come back here for a small dinner. He loves me, but he likes," said Billy. "It will be a lot of Preteen Cuties money. " I am a reasonable rate. I asked how ? ", $ 1. 000. 00," said Billy. "Everybody !" That made ​​up my mind. " He said no more than four out of five men," said Billy. "We to say no, even if it is a problem and we have to go home. " "Is it necessary to say something ? " I asked. "A couple of times, but never with someone of the friends of Maury. We do thei pools," said Billy. They were " generally like Maury. Ok, guys, but none of them Playgirl centerfold, if you understand. There will be a pool party, so that not need dress. " " Maury How well do you know? " " very good, "said Billy. " Just because you look older and not so well does not mean you lose your sex drive. This is Maury and his friends. I have the libido of a bull in heat 24 / 7 I think that if I need some extra hormones might as well share with a generous people. " " This is a good way to see, "he said. It was a deal. entered the house that night at 8:00 of the Preteen Cuties clock. Billy knocked on the door and in Maury we went to the pool and there were two other men waiting to us. Nick a 65 years old Greek, who looked like the abominable was snowman, and Salt, a Bronx Italian steps. he was a pint sized Abominable Snow man. they were in bathing suit that barely covered team arrived. a few minutes later two other men. One of a young oriental was named Nate, who with his "dad" Reginald. Billy all knew then and introduced myself. Nate was a first pool boy was beaten, Reginald round business. Nate was a bodand build muscle and was n from head to toe. Reginald was a gentleman. I found out I is a well known character actor in was when a man named Grandpa in a community feel necessary. We had a drink or two. I realized Preteen Cuties the Speedos were always close. Nate Billy wearing a thong and a piece of mesh is cut, without the lining. Some of the men knew him. Nate has the ball rolling by extraction of n Tanga and jump into the pool. Nick, Sal and I followed his example. Billy, Maury and naked Reginald and just got to suck. Now I was between Nick and Sal, who made me feel. I went under the water and then sucked Nick Nick and Sal was like snow hanging Yeti people. Its tail is eight inches thick and have been to. Sal was smaller slim, but little suck. We left the pool so it would be less chlorine in tail as n vacuum. Nate and Billy was with Maury with Reginald. I was with the two snowmen enjoy it. They were both UNattractive, but very masculine and hairy. I love this combination. Want to hang out young, handsome y. Nick loved my tail, and I became his big moment. Sal liked my ass. is the perfect combination. Nick and I got into the 69 position, while Sal pause in the ass. I had never exhibited before, but ok. While we were in the water Maury had tubes put some lubricant and bottled stuff. That proved to be poppers. I do not know what I but were discovered before. Sal lubricated finger and began to work is in the ass. I do not know what to think about it, but it felt good, so I think about it, not worth it. I went with the flow. I do not think that I think Sal is focused on the target. Sal had a plan. By now I had a great time with Nick. I was happy with the brawny, hairy men. He was also big and all that. I never had a horse hanged man before and liked it. Could not expect a lot from it, but was really inspiring. I didn't know exactly what to do with that big, but I was willing to learn. It seemed that my efforts. It was uncut, but erect and the skin is completely retracted. button was a mouthful in itself, the size of a silver dollar. The exposed edge his penis was tender and each time I ran my tongue around it, shuddered. For me the main attraction is its large piss slit. It was almost sufficiently large for my finger on it. I have no time to Preteen Cuties think a little, I've found my tongue it. Nick has rewarded me with a sweet pre tablespoon milk. I thought older men general stopped oozing, but Nick was leaked big time. Every time I licked the edge from its cocoon, fondling his balls and stroking his cock, which was to produce more. During a brief pause for breath, Sal said he wanted to fuck me. not say exactly, he, he expressed his desire. " I think it's good," he said. Billy offer came earlier in the day back to me. Maybe I should have taken the offer of fuck me. "I never gift so maybe you could take your time? " If I did not want to be fucked, he would say something wrong. Sal moaned a sincere "Thank you Jesus ! " Nick oozing pre-cum a quart. I was stroking his cock and dripped juice on its axis. I bent down to lick me tasty juice. Both men took this gesture as a yes. was a strange situation. I was enjoying it so much he did not think that of how much I have enjoyed. If it were a porn video, I would be Virgin Stud Muffin and badly scraped by two hairy old trolls. in fact, I was dealing with a sex-crazed stud muffin, two old men's hair drain all play vital fluids. Nick Hahn juice was so good, I not the main focus on anything else. I later learned was a writer Sal while he made some major films , who had also worked their own porn films recently, most of which n involved by a virgin. I had it all figured out. was in my hands and knees while sucking pre cthe great Nick tap. Salt fingers me from behind. Interestingly, the deepest surveyed, the better than it was. Soon his cock into my hole. Nick was one of the small jars. "Take a sniff of this," he said. I did what I said. if the smoke reached my brain, Sal was cock in my ass. It was painless and exciting. It was like the Wizard of Oz, when it was Technicolor. I sandwiched between two sex hairballs driven. I loved it. During a break, said Nick Sal I wanted to fuck me badly. " I want you too," I replied. " is really great. Do you mind if my friends are open more ? " Sal said. that was part of his fantasy porn movie. " Hell, no," responded enthusiastically. I'm not much of a poker player. that was not part of the plan, but Sal was able to improvise. Sal called the other men over and told them of our problem. Each was willing to help. Reginald expressed some concern over n roars a virgin. It took a minute to realize he was an actor and was play a role. Nate was thethe smallest of men. Nick gave me his round like Maury Salt and took my legs open. Nate tail was thin, but very hard. It seemed the perfect length for ram my prostate. Everything I knew I had I've learned from the prostate adds on TV. I was suddenly discovered that it is a sexual organ. Nate pulled out and Maury took its place. Maury is a can of beer was hard to take , but a snort or jungle juice did the trick. Salt and Nate Hahn tried my ass, Maury busy. I felt full. While Nate had rammed my prostate, Maury said. That was good. Maury seemed happy, but when he shot himself, I understood as happy. "Damn, I love Sloppy Seconds," said Bill, as he put his rod in the ass. was long and moderately thick, and went beyond Salt or Maury. Billy was a son of a bitch grace. He thought I was pretty open, so you have stack to drive, but moved before his appearance. Reginald was as follows. Reginald wanted me to do doggy style. He was an idiot,Prostate massage his swollen cock. He seemed relaxed and almost casual n , but pitched his tent in the ass after a few minutes. It was Nick now turn. Nick Ficker was a tough but fair. I wanted to fuck me badly. eight -inch cock was lodged in the ass one way or another. he take your time. I knew of him, self- lubricating sucks. Billy and Nate had his tail to do something sooner than expected technical support. do not want to sound like a pig bottom, but it was too n ot so hard to take. Maury was the same diameter, Nick was twice as long. all open Nick Hahn could not do anything wrong. He took me back, dog , and finally I sat in it. Jump on the monsters and Nick Romano sailing style shooting. " Why this trip bronco boy look," said Billy. That's how I learned as Bruce Bronco for customers is cleaning of service. Writers have a pseudonym, I had a nom-de- gallo. I also had done a good friend of Nick. II had never felt anything remotely Nick 's fucking so intense. I went to the moon and back several times. I I thought I knew what sex was, but I just had a flash. I had to play with a flare, when suddenly the large end of the quarter July fireworks display came into my ass. rest between fucks, said Nick, was a miracle. " Most guys seem to I think my penis is big," he said. " Shit, is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen," he said. "It is 100 % pure flesh. Do not try it in size? " "Most are afraid. Are you sure this is the first time I can not believe was so easy, " said Nick. " Well, I 'm not a virgin !"
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